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In Kloman's oil paintings (most approximately 36" x 36"),
origami birds and objects of movement represent the voyage
from childhood to adulthood.  The birds concurrently signify
innocence and independence— juvenescent freedom.  The birds
portrayed have evolved from her paintings of paper airplanes—
youthful vehicles transporting us through juvenility.  For her
recent series, she has depicted origami objects to express ideas
of maturation.   

This series illustrates liberation— adolescent self-
The elegantly folded birds eloquently convey the transition
from formative years to maturity, carrying with it all of its
baggage. Kloman wanted to capture that fleeting moment when
air lifts delicate paper and the satisfaction of creation is fulfilled,
before eventually, inevitably the construction meets ground.  

Kloman states: "This duality is a metaphor for individuals
struggling with one’s human condition.  In a world constantly
teetering on the precipice between conflict and peace, I find
comfort in viewing the world through a child's eyes of wonder.
In my art, the origami objects embody virtuousness and
resilience in tandem."